The Kessenich (Raised) Ranch-Part Two

Let the demo begin. Or rather, continue. There is always something being demoed or redone or re-upgraded around here. I digress. We are in full remodel mode. We have zipper doors to all the bedrooms, we have a new, shoes ON policy, as opposed to our old shoes OFF policy, and I try to be out of the house more than I’m in it these days. This is tricky for my homebody guys. It’s a new balance we are working towards. Being in our house during this mess stresses me out, but it hasn’t changed that being away from home too often is hard on Kevin and Cole.

We are lucky to have lots of friends inviting us over for dinner! I’m so grateful! However, I’m going to have to plan a few meals in between. I am well equipped with my instant pot and Ninja. I also just ordered a pizza pizzaz and someone brought me a microwave AND a toaster oven!! I was actually considering canceling our new oven all together (kidding) because I think we can manage without one at this point! But…the oven I bought is matte black and gold and is so pretty, so it stays. Not to mention it will be the focal point of the kitchen and being the only black piece of the whole space, I think it’s going to be a real show stopper!

I know when people look at the most recent “before” photo they think we just remodeled. Pictured below.

Here’s the deal. Yes we have already paid (too much) to spruce up our kitchen. Yes we ripped out some newer cabinets and counter tops. No I would not necessarily recommend doing that. However, even my most frugal friends will tell you, my kitchen needed some additional help. The disfunction was at an ultimate high.

For example….I couldn’t open all of the drawers. And this was not a big kitchen! We are not talking about a lot of extra space to be wasted! I needed those drawers!

So it was a choice I had to make: drawer pulls vs. function. Beauty is pain my friends. I suffered the function of the drawers, admittedly, but I just couldn’t leave those old wood cabinets naked like that.

Another hurdle I had to overcome was that stinking window. I mean, I would just love to know the designer of this home. I have so many questions, especially since I have designed 2 new builds myself…was there zero thought behind this one? Ok off my soapbox. In all seriousness…I love me some natural light like anyone else but why, oh why, was a window in the far corner of the kitchen behind a pantry and fridge the right choice to move forward on. See below:

It was hard to remove the natural light, for sure, but thankfully when we added on to the back of our house a few years ago, we put in so many stinking windows the guy at the lumber yard told us no one could ever take a nap in that space. (Little did he know I can sleep ANYWHERE) Not to mention the giant window we put in the new dining room. Also, I decided on a kitchen that is almost entirely white (like inspiration picture below), which always makes a space feel lighter and brighter. (Oh, and my husband is an electrician.)

So we removed the window and we’re moving forward. The space is drywalled which makes it feel so close to being done!! Welcome tedious finish work. Here’s where we are today…

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